GFPS COVID-19 Classroom and School Closure Guidelines

TEXT: GFPS COVID-19 Classroom and School Closure Guidelines

  • GREEN Low Risk

  • YELLOW Moderate Risk

  • ORANGE High Risk

  • RED: Severe Risk

    • Each possible scenario includes a response protocol for communication, public health engagement, contact tracing, staff and student quarantine, cleaning, and recovery.
    • Guidelines above may need to be modified depending on how long it may take to complete a contact tracing cycle & size of campus.
    • NOTE: individual students or staff may be asked to quarantine if contact tracing requires, even after a classroom or school may be cleared to safely reopen.
    • Classrooms or schools closed for more than 72 hours will transition to remote learning.
    • Community Risk determined by a weighted formula of new cases per 100,000; Completed tests in the last seven days; average positivity in the last 7 days; percent change in new COVID-19 cases; and hospital capacity in Grand Forks County according to Grand Forks Public Health.