Facility Improvement Community-wide Survey

  • The Grand Forks Public School District has a reputation of providing a quality educational experience for our students. Many believe our talented teachers and support staff meet and exceed the expectations of our community. As a result, students continue to excel both during and after their time in school, and our district has consistently been recognized for our quality programming.

    The Grand Forks community has consistently supported and promoted the great things we do within our schools, and our district is certainly a sense of pride in our community. Despite this, many of our facilities have aged and do not meet expectations for staff and students’ needs. This includes everything from basic infrastructure and environmental variables (e.g. air quality, temperature, lighting, and sound) to modern and contemporary learning environments.

    For the last several years, the district has embarked on a bold initiative to repair and improve the most immediate needs in many of the buildings. However, due to flat school funding revenue the school district is in a position where there just is not any budget left for the essential projects that remain to be completed. The district is working to provide continued updates through a variety of funding sources without a local tax impact (CARES Act proceeds, energy reduction financing, etc.). Yet, we also need the help of the community to return our schools to a condition that our community, staff, and students can be proud of; and we need to do this in a fiscally responsible way.

    The School Board is committed to a facility planning strategy that honors and reflects the priorities of the taxpayers and meets the expectations of our community.  Therefore, we need to hear your voice in this process.

    We are working with SitelogIQ to help with this planning process. To collect feedback from the community, they are conducting this community-wide survey and all survey responses are returned to SitelogIQ to maintain the anonymity of the respondents.  SitelogIQ will compile the results and present a report on the findings to the School Board and community. Please consider taking this survey and provide your voice in the process. The survey should take no more than about 20-30 minutes, and will close on March 5th. Paper copies of the survey will be available at the Mark Sanford Education Center or by calling 701-746-2200. Your time and voice will be greatly appreciated.

    Survey link: https://tinyurl.com/GFPS-Survey2021