K-8 Campus Predesign Committee

  • Committee Charge:

    • Review the District’s Facilities Task Force and School Board Recommendations related to the creation of a K-8 Campus at the Valley Middle School site;
    • Review innovative instructional models, and the facility requirements to support student needs and programming;
    • Brainstorm, explore, evaluate, and refine potential long term flexible and fiscally responsible solutions, including considering operational efficiencies related to the design and operations of the K-8 campus;
    • Consider various health and safety factors in the building(s) and campus layout;
    • Create campus design guidelines, review required spaces (rooms), and recommend building(s) and site layouts that reflect the educational vision of the district;
    • Serve as factual “key communicators” to the Grand Forks Public Schools community throughout the process.

    Committee Outcome:

    • The Committee, in conjunction with the architect, will create the design goals and guidelines, space program requirements, building(s) diagrams, and site layouts for the K-8 campus. This information will be used by the District not only for the future design of the campus but for the School Facility Plan and Construction Approval Request submittals to North Dakota’s Department of Instruction.  State submittals are to be presented to the School Board for approval on or around May 10, 2021. 

    Committee Members

    • Allison Parkinson, principal, Discovery Elementary School
    • Amy Bartsch, chief academic officer
    • Cassaundra Riewer, teacher, Wilder Elementary School
    • Catherine Gillach, assistant superintendent of secondary education
    • Chris Arnold, director of buildings and grounds
    • Chris Douthit, Grand Forks School Board member
    • Diane Krueger, teacher, Valley Middle School
    • Emily Karel, director of child nutrition
    • Jodi Dodson, associate principals, Valley Middle School (will participate in Todd Selk's absence)
    • Jodi Sherman, parent, Winship Elementary School
    • Jody Thompson, associate superintendent of elementary education
    • John Stempinski, teacher, Valley Middle School
    • Josh Anderson, parent, Discovery Elementary School; Facilities Task Force member
    • Kara Buchhop, teacher, Discovery Elementary School
    • Kara Hendrickson, parent, West Elementary School
    • Martie Wesley, teacher, Winship Elementary School
    • Maureen Riley, parent, Valley Middle School
    • Scott J. Berge, business manager
    • Shari Bilden, principal, Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School
    • Sonja Brandt, parent, Wilder Elementary School
    • Dr. Terry Brenner, superintendent of schools
    • Todd Selk, principal, Valley Middle School

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