Bond Program Planning Group

  • Committee Charge:

    • Review Facility Task Force, School Board, and Administration’s work to date related to the Bond Program
    • Brainstorm, explore, evaluate, and refine potential long term flexible and fiscally responsible solutions, including considering operational efficiencies related to the planning and implementation of the Bond Program
    • Discuss and provide recommendations on the following:
      • Location of District’s new central kitchen
      • Potential use of future decommissioned facilities and sites
    • Make a recommendation to the School Board of the final list of projects to be included in the Bond Program in addition to the Consolidation projects, including identifying and prioritizing next level projects that could be accomplished if Bond Program is under budget
    • Integrate the work of the K-8 Campus Predesign Committee into the Bond Program planning work
    • Verify the scope of work, budget, schedule, and delivery method for each project included in the Bond Program
    • Create a master schedule for the Bond Program
    • Create a master budget for the Bond Program
    • Create the School Facility Plan and Construction Approval Request for review and approval by the School Board and submittal to the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

    Committee Outcome:

    • The Committee will create a scope, schedule, and budget for each project included in the Bond Program.
    • An overall master project list, schedule, and budget for the Bond Program will be created.
    • Information will be used for the School Facility Plan and Construction Approval Request submittals to North Dakota’s Department of Instruction, the District in referendum communications, and Program implementation.
      • State required submittals are to be presented to the School Board for approval in May 2021.

    Committee Members:

    • Chris Arnold, director of buildings and grounds
    • Scott J. Berge, business manager
    • Doug Carpenter, Grand Forks School Board member

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