Transportation Information

  • Parking

    Student parking for the Mentor Center is indicated in the red rectangle below. The parking spots are adjacent to the University of North Dakota Bookstore. Signs have been posted in the parking lot.

    Mentor Center Parking

    Busing Information

    The Mentor Center bus makes stops at schools on the following schedule. All students signed up to attend the Mentor Center that day can ride; no separate bus signup is needed.

    Students must be ready and at the bus stop at the scheduled time or will be left behind.

    Red River HS - 2:55-3:05 (wait outside Door #1)

    Central HS - 3:15-3:20 (wait outside Door #2)

    South MS - 3:35-3:40 (wait outside Door #13)

    Schroeder MS - 3:50-3:55 (wait outside Door #2)

    Valley MS - 4:00-4:05 (wait outside Door #1)

    When students arrive at the Mentor Center, they can also sign up for a ride home.  Routes home begin at approximately 6:30, with the aim of getting all students home by 8:00.

    The City of Grand Forks City Area Transit (CAT) has several routes that serve the Hamline & University stop, including:

    Please see the City of Grand Forks City Area Transit website for a full list of routes and schedules.