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Child Nutrition Account Balances Policy

It is the expectation of the Grand Forks School District that funds will be readily available for students' use during their breakfast and/or lunch period. If funds are not available, the student will continue to receive the meal of their choice. When the account has $5 remaining, an automated email and/or text message will be generated from the district office once per week. These emails will continue until adequate funds are received.

A referral will be made to the school's administration and/or their assigned social worker when a student's account reaches negative $30. As funds are available, the Grand Forks Foundation for Education will cover the meal cost when the account exceeds the $50 charging limit.

Each school's cook manager will send home a letter once per week to the parents/guardians of students carrying a negative balance in any amount. Other school officials may be notified at this time to assist in the collection efforts. The Child Nutrition Office will periodically run reports and attempt to collect large balances throughout the school year.

Adults are not allowed to carry a negative balance. Prepayments may be made into a lunch account, or cash must be provided at the terminal.