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Special Diet Needs

Grand Forks Public Schools Child Nutrition Program provides menu substitutions for those students that have special dietary needs. We have many students who have special diets due to medical diagnosis (food allergy, diabetes, PKU, etc.). The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires all Child Nutrition Programs to make accommodations for students with special dietary needs that have been diagnosed by the student’s physician. A Medical Statement Form signed by the student’s physician must be on file for the Child Nutrition Program to make changes to the menu substitutions for the student. This is required by the USDA. The Medical Statement forms are available from the School Nurses, Child Nutrition Office, the cook manager at your school, or from the secretary at the school. All information concerning any student with a special needs diet is confidential.

The following are a few examples of our nutrition interventions for those with special dietary needs: 

  • Carbohydrate counts are available on our online menu system, MealViewer.

  • Milk allergy/Lactose intolerance will be provided Lactaid Milk or Soy Milk depending on the diet order from the MD. Please note that all other milks (Almond or Cashew) are not allowed due to tree nut allergies district-wide. Goat’s milk and Niedo are also not acceptable substitutes.  

  • All of Grand Forks schools are peanut and tree nut restricted schools

If your student has a special dietary concern, please contact the Child Nutrition Office at 746-2436.