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Information for Potential Advertisers

To request flyer approval:

  1. Visit and click "Sign Up" at the top

  2. Register as a Community Organization

  3. Upload the flyer for approval.

The flyer will automatically be submitted to the Communications Department for approval. Once approved, the flyer will be emailed to all GFPS families and posted online.

Peachjar charges a small fee for its services. Visit for fee information. This fee applies to all organizations that are not GFPS organizations or affiliates. Meaning any other approved organization is responsible for paying for its Peachjar flyers.

Community Free Program

Peachjar does provide a "Community Free Flyer Program," which provides one free flyer each month for organizations promoting a charitable free program, service, or resource where children are the direct beneficiary.

What Qualifies as a Community Free Flyer?

  • Your charitable program, service, or resource directly benefits children and does not require participants to qualify, has no enticement for future fee-based programs and does not serve the purpose of fundraising, collecting donations, or allowing for the purchase of products or services.

  • Your organization is not nationally recognized and physically resides within the boundaries of the school district you wish to distribute to.

  • Your organization is not receiving fees or revenue from vendors participating in the event.

Submissions are limited to one flyer distribution to one school district every 30 days. If you wish to distribute to more than one school district or more frequently than every 30 days, you may choose to distribute a standard flyer, subject to Peachjar's fees.

How It Works

Every Community Free flyer submission will go through this process:

  1.  Review these qualifications and limitations to ensure your program/event is appropriate for the Community Free Program.

  2. Submit your application to Peachjar with the program/event flyer.

  3. Peachjar will review your application in 3-5 business days and notify you whether or not your program event qualifies.

  4. If your application is accepted by Peachjar, your flyer will be sent to the school district for distribution approval at no charge. If declined by Peachjar, your flyer will be saved as a draft so you can still post your flyer using the standard method.

  5. If your flyer is approved by the school district, it’s all set for distribution. If denied by the school district, you will be notified, and your flyer will not be distributed.

Please ensure you have the final version of your flyer completed before you begin the application. For more information, please visit