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Fee Policy


The Grand Forks Foundation for Education operating budget comes from three primary sources:

  • Unrestricted giving.
  • An assessment on the market value of endowments.
  • A one-time assessment on most non-endowed incoming gifts.

Endowment Management

A per annum management fee is assessed on a quarterly basis based upon the quarter-end market value of that endowment within the investment portfolio. This rate is established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and is currently 2% annually.

Non-endowed Gifts

A development reinvestment fee of 5% is assessed at inception on all non-endowed deposits to the Foundation for most gifts, see exceptions below. The Foundation assesses this one-time fee to help cover administrative costs, fundraising expenses, donor relations, and engagement and alumni relations for the benefit of the school district.


  • Gifts to endowment distribution accounts will not be assessed a reinvestment fee. Nor to temporarily restricted funds that are directly associated with an endowment.
  • Gifts to non-endowed scholarship funds will not be assessed a reinvestment fee.
  • Grant awards will not be assessed a reinvestment fee.