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About the RED Read Every Day Program

Our Vision

The vision of red is that every child learns to read early and well, thereby reaching his or her full potential in school and in life.

Our Mission

Engage families and caregivers in their child’s literacy development. Inspire children to discover the joy of reading so that reading becomes a lifelong habit.


  • Read Every Day for 20 minutes (i.e., read aloud to your child, listen to your child read, and demonstrate your own love of reading by reading to yourself).
  • Read Every Day to help your child discover the joy of reading and develop a lifelong habit of reading.
  • Read Every Day to help your child build vocabulary and language skills.
  • Read Every Day to help your child learn about the world around him.
  • Read Every Day to build your child’s comprehension and confidence by reading favorite books over and over again.
  • Read Every Day to help your child learn that reading is important and fun!
  • Read Every Day to help your child succeed in school and in life.


Engage your child in conversation to help him learn new words and concepts as well as develop speaking and listening skills. Talk about the pictures and ideas in books and share stories to foster imagination.


Show an interest in what your child has to say.

Increase your child’s curiosity by asking, Why...? When...? How...? Who...? I wonder...?


Make time to play with your child and have fun together as a family. Children learn through play.


Make up simple songs and rhymes – use nonsense words to make it fun.


Encourage your child to scribble, draw, color, paint, and write. Write stories and messages for each other.

Point out ways print is used on signs, menus, lists, labels, recipes, and logos.


Run, jump, dance, and play – movement builds the brain and strengthens physical abilities.


Recognize your child’s reading efforts and celebrate their success in learning!