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Benefits of Pet Therapy

  • Empathy - It’s easier to teach children to be empathetic with an animal than with a human.
  • Outward Focus - Rather than thinking & talking about themselves and their problems, they watch and talk to and about the animals.
  • Nurturing - By being taught to take care of an animal, the children can develop these skills.
  • Rapport - Animals help present an air of emotional safety.
  • Acceptance - An animal’s acceptance is nonjudgmental, forgiving, and uncomplicated.
  • Entertainment - Even people who don’t like animals often enjoy watching their antics and reactions.
  • Socialization - When dogs visit a facility, there is more laughter and interaction and it becomes easier to talk during and after animal visits
  • Mental Stimulation - This occurs because of increased communication with other people, recalled memories, and the entertainment provided by the animals
  • Physical Contact, Touch - The touch of an animal is safe, non-threatening, and pleasant.
  • Physiological Benefits - People are able to relax when animals are present.
  • Something More - Some people feel a sense of oneness with life and nature.