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Unified Mental Health Team

Most people in our society recognize that youth mental health concerns and suicide are prevalent issues today. However, when we all work together to form community partnerships and support our community’s families, it provides hope for our youth. We recognize that school districts play a large part in assisting with mental health issues, suicide prevention, and education. With the support of our district administration, we are creating a Unified Mental Health Team approach. Grand Forks Public Schools has more than 50 mental health professionals working collaboratively to provide an array of supports and services for our students and their families.

The Grand Forks Public Schools Unified Mental Health Team consists of:

  • School counselors

    • To learn more about the GFPS school counseling program, click here.

  • School social workers

    • To learn more about the GFPS school social work program, click here.

  • School psychologists

    • To learn more about GFPS school psychologists, click here.

  • Mental health specialists