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Mentor Center

The Mentor Center is a national award-winning resource center for GFPS middle and high school students to receive academic support, social-emotional support, and enrichment.  

There is no cost for students, and we provide free food 

Students work on academics with certified teachers and tutors, participate in programming such as cooking classes, art, nature walks, and connect with Social Emotional Learning Specialists, peers, and volunteers.

School Year Sign Up

Daily attendance is capped to ensure we can serve students well. Students must sign up to attend a particular day, and a limited number of slots are available. To accommodate demand, middle school students can attend up to two days per week. High school students can attend up to four days per week.

Signups will be published at midday each Thursday for the following week's openings.  You can find the link to the signup on our website.


Referrals are not required for new students. If you'd like our Mentor Center staff to reach out to a student or family, please fill out the referral form and we'll extend a personal invitation.

The online form is available here.


The Mentor Center monitors students' arrivals and departures. Parents/Guardians wishing to be notified of their student's departure should reach out to the Mentor Center to set up arrangements.

Some optional Mentor Center programming will involve off-site activities and nearby reached on foot. All activities will be supervised by staff. Parents/Guardians who do not want their students to participate should contact the Mentor Center.

To ensure the Mentor Center maintains a positive, welcoming environment for all, Code of Conduct we establish expectations for students. Students and parents/guardians sign a Personal Responsibility Agreement letter to acknowledge acceptance of the Code.

Address & Hours

  • 725 Hamline St., Room 1200, Grand Forks, ND 58203
  • First Day August 30th 
  • Monday - Thursday
  • 1 - 8 PM

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