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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Mentor Center is here to support academic, mental health, and enrichment for Grand Forks Public Schools middle and high school students. It is to be a safe space for all students and staff, and everyone present has a responsibility in maintaining this environment.


To best support students’ academics, social-emotional wellbeing, and enrichment, the Mentor Center requires a minimum of 30 minutes of academic work each day a student attends. Shortly after arrival, each student must engage in at least 30 minutes of academic work. They are encouraged to engage in enrichment and mental health activities each day, as well.

Study Time: 1-5:30 p.m.

  • Each student is to complete 30 minutes of academic work.
  • The Room 1200 suite of the Mentor Center is in quiet mode.
    • Study rooms and back hallway desks will be reserved for students doing academic work.
    • Students will be assigned to a space, and when they finish their academic work, they will move out of their study space to make it available for others.
    • Students needing a break from lengthier study sessions can do quiet activities with staff in the art room or game room.
  • Students who have completed their 30-minute minimum of academic work will be doing activities in the auditorium with staff.

Social Time: 5:30-8 p.m.

  • Students will participate in programming, meet with mentors, do homework, or socialize appropriately in small groups.

Mentor Center Rules


  • Respect Mentors
    • Address Mentors by their preferred names
    • Use respectful language and behavior
    • Follow instructions/rules
  • Respect peers
    • Use respectful language to, about, and around peers.
    • Respect peers’ pronouns, sexual preferences, and boundaries.
    • Keep a conversational volume while in the facility.
    • Respect the privacy of other students when they are in their rooms
    • Keep hands and bodies to yourself with the exception of consensual handshakes, high fives, hand-holding, and brief hugs.
    • Permission is required before taking pictures or recording videos of peers
    • Music can be played quietly in study rooms or with headphones in gathering spaces/hallways.
    • All content must be school appropriate.
    • One person per blanket.
  • Respect the space
    • Must be either in a study room/space, group room, or space approved for
    • Remove garbage and belongings from the space when you leave it.
    • Respect all art, furniture, and utilities within the Center
    • Walk and use conversational voices in the halls around the facility.
    • Use only materials permitted and return them to their home in the same state as previously used.
    • Make sure games are put away with all pieces before leaving the room or starting a new game.
    • Use supplies sparingly and clean utensils and work area before leaving the space or moving on to a new project.
    • Enter offices only when supervised by a Mentor.
    • Follow student limits in study rooms (three in the regular room, one in the sensory room)
    • Leave shades up in study rooms with lights on.
    • All items should be used for their intended purpose and should stay in their hands, on a table, or back where they belong.
    • Students should not go into the outer hallway/clinic area, except with a staff member to participate in programming.
    • Balls cannot be thrown indoors.
    • If you check out a fidget item, you are responsible for that item and must return it in the same condition as when it was checked out. The fidget is for the purpose of focusing while you are studying only.
  • Respect for safety
    • Do not bring any weapons to the Center.
    • Do not make threats to mentors, peers, or the facility.
    • Do not cause or attempt to cause physical injury to another individual.
    • Do not possess substances banned by GFPS.

Bus Rules

  • Stay buckled in your seat at all times.
  • Keep hands and objects to yourself.
  • Voices and sounds must remain at inside talking levels.
  • Devices must be muted unless you’re using headphones.
  • When windows are down, hands, objects, and voices must remain inside the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean.
  • Be respectful to all riders and staff. No swearing or inappropriate topics.
  • Follow the bus monitor’s and bus driver’s instructions at all times.


  • To determine the level of a conduct violation, we will take into account
    • The degree to which the misconduct disrupted the supportive and educational
    • The degree to which the misconduct infringed on the rights of others;
    • The frequency and proximity of incidents of prior misconduct

Minor offenses may result in a suspension of privileges, or other reasonable consequences.

Moderate and major offenses may also result in a break/suspension from the Mentor Center and/or its bus, as well as notification of parent/guardian. Upon return to the Center, the student will discuss success strategies with a Mental Health Specialist or other Mentor Center staff member.

Consistent with GFPS policy, students are subject to search upon a reasonable suspicion that the search will yield evidence of a violation of a school rule. Searches will include personal possessions and wherever students are parking and student vehicles on school district or leased property. Searches may include the use of a wand to detect devices that violate school rules.