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Mission & Vision



To support academics, mental health, and enrichment through innovative approaches and positive relationships with peers and caring adults.


To foster resilience and engagement for all GFPS students.



  • Grit  We stumble. And we keep going
    • We believe in you. We’ll help you tap into what’s already in you and help you grow new skills so you can do hard things.

  • Relationships  We are here for each other.
    • All progress in personal growth, wellness, and academics comes through the strength of connections with others.  Positive connections enable us to grow in ways we couldn’t on our own. 


  • Openness  All are welcome. All are valued.
    • We believe in meeting people where they are at. Our best ideas and our best outcomes, come from being creative, nimble, and responsive. We are here to learn from each other. 


  • Wellness Growth requires physical and mental wellbeing.
    • We all deserve to be well and whole.  We are here to promote, develop, and model the tools to care for self and each other.