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Grand Forks Public Schools is dedicated to the safety and security of our school community. Through collaboration with local emergency responders, regular safety drills, and comprehensive employee training, we ensure a proactive and prepared environment.

Our commitment includes School Resource Officers (SRO), a Text-A-Tip program, and stringent background checks for employees. Keyless entry, visitor sign-in procedures, and video systems contribute to a secure setting. We prioritize mental health with dedicated training and resources, supported by a Crisis Response Manual.

To address diverse needs, we've added key personnel, including Elementary Behavior Facilitators, Social Workers, and a Safety and Security Manager. Our integrated programs, such as Bullying Prevention and Social-Emotional Learning, reinforce our commitment to a safe and supportive learning environment. Grand Forks Public Schools remains steadfast in fostering a culture where everyone feels secure, valued, and empowered to succeed.

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