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Contact Information

School Social Worker Phone Number Email Address
Ben Franklin Elementary School Kim Lloyd 701-317-1341
Grand Forks Central High School Shelly Scholand 701-317-3682
Century Elementary School Pamela Elmquist 701-620-0078
Community High School Emily Roue 701-317-0102
Discovery Elementary School Claire Glines 701-317-3933
J. Nelson Kelly Elementary School Jalissa Keller 701-317-3921
Lake Agassiz Elementary School Alisa Bowman 701-215-6866
Lewis and Clark Elementary School Logan Kassa 701-317-8399
Phoenix Elementary School Tiahna Edevold 701-317-8382
Red River High School Heather Skogen 701-215-6297
Elroy Schroeder Middle School Sara Munson 701-213-7839
South Middle School Jalissa Keller 701-317-3921
Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School Emily Roue 701-317-0102
Valley Middle School Dawn Kreiwald 701-215-2596
Viking Elementary School Tracy Meagher 701-215-6990
Wilder Elementary School Brooke Naughton 701-317-1073
Winship Elementary School Logan Kassa 701-317-8399