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Safety and Security

District schools need ongoing security updates and safety training. The safety of students, staff, and their families is a high priority for the district.

Secure Entrances

Physical secure entrances would be constructed to allow office staff to control building access. Visitors would enter a secure vestibule and then be granted access to the school itself. Construction of physical secure entrances would be made possible by relocating central offices.

Additional Safety Measures

Safety and security measures need continual updates to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors at all times.

While each school has individual needs, the following is a list that encompasses the security measures needed by our District schools:

  • Constructing physical secure entrances
  • Relocating central offices to achieve a physical secure entrance
  • Update push-to-talk door intercom systems
  • Improve door access security using assigned electronic keys
  • Continue expansion of security cameras
  • Improve the building intercom systems
  • Install fire panels
  • Ongoing updates to emergency response plans

What could a Secure Entrance look like?



Summary of Estimated Costs - Safety and Security

Total: $18 million

  • Secure perimeter entry: $13 million
  • Mass notification systems: $4.5 million
  • Fire panels: $350,000
  • Training: $100,000
  • Additional security cameras: $50,000

Updated 3.31.2023