About Our School

  • Welcome to Discovery Elementary School!

    Discovery Elementary first opened in 2015. We continue to grow each year and add more staff to the Discovery team. Our success at Discovery School is due to the amazing students, staff, and families who are a part of this school family. Our teachers not only care for our students but teach in ways that make learning meaningful and purposeful for our students. Our PTO is very active in supporting a variety of initiatives at Discovery School with family movie night, a family dance, family bingo night, and has supported numerous school field trips for all students. Several years ago, our PTO partnered with the Kiwanis Club and expanded our playground to more than double its original size. Our students, employees, and the Grand Forks community are forever grateful for this!

    I am proud to be a part of a school culture that supports innovation, collaboration, and risk-taking. Our mission statement sums up our beliefs best: “Everyone’s a learner, everyone’s a teacher and everyone’s a trailblazer blazing the trail to greatness.” Our school design supports our mission as students collaborate in our learning commons and use flexible furniture that differentiates to their individual needs. Feel free to take a look at our school design by visiting the “Discovery Elementary Virtual Tour."

    If you are planning to enroll your child at Discovery School, please contact our school office at (701) 787-4359. If you currently have a child at Discovery School, a reminder to follow us on Twitter at #TrailBlazeOn and on Facebook to get a glimpse inside your child’s school day.

    Mrs. Parkinson - Principal

     Discovery Staff


    Discovery Staff