About Our School


    Winship School Song

    Winship Wildcats are the greatest.

    Yes! We are the best.


    Winship Wildcats are the greatest.

    Just put us to the test.

    Sports and studies we are winners

    Doing our best all year.

    We’ll be true to Winship School.

    The Wildcats are here!



    Winship Poem

    Winship is a fun, awesome, and a good school. 
    We wonder why people bully and what tomorrow will be like.
    We hear teaching, kindness and singing. 
    We want to learn and not bully.
    We see people respecting others and people working hard.

    Winship is a nice place to be with friends.
    We feel not lonely.
    We touch our books as pages go swish. 
    We learn to be above the line.
    We try to make Winship a positive place and safe place. 

    Winship is an awesome, fun, and a cool school. 
    We understand school subjects.
    We say “Go Wildcats!”
    We dream BIG!
    We discover impressive new things. 
    We hope for the best future for all students.

    Winship is an awesome, amazing place for all kids to learn!

    Written by Winship Students, March 24, 2011