Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It

  • Schools are being relocated to the Columbia Mall

  • Is it true SitelogIQ was in Grand Forks shooting referendum informational videos of the schools on the same day of their "Vote Yes" meeting in April?

  • I heard that the CARES act money could pay for most of the needed repairs at Wilder and Winship, so there wouldn't be a need to close them. And that some of the Valley repairs could also be done with CARES money, but you still asked for more than you needed and plan to spend it on other things.

  • Is it true that there is no consideration for what the North end families need (AT LEAST one elementary and one middle school -- NOT one MEGA school)?

  • Is it true that the district has hired SitelogIQ for tens of thousands of dollars to create and promote a referendum that will incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest?

  • The school board and top district officials purposely delayed maintenance on the schools to manufacture an emergency and then claim that the only option is to combine the W schools. They knew that they would never get their way otherwise because NO ONE wants the schools combined.

  • I've heard that teachers are expected to go out and promote the referendum.

  • Wilder and Winship are going to close no matter what. The deciding factor is a) if the referendum passes, they'll get combined into a new school or b) if the referendum fails, they are likely to be closed regardless and those students absorbed into area schools.

  • Is it true that SitelogIQ only gave one plan? Is there a plan B or C just in case the referendum does not pass?

  • Is it true that the task force did not tour Winship or Wilder schools?

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