• Grand Forks Central High School




    ATTENDANCE Good attendance in school is critical to student success.  Daily attendance is the responsibility of students and their parents/guardians.  The district attendance policy limits are:

    • 16 absences in a one-credit class 

    • 8 absences in a half-credit class

    Absences in excess of these maximums may result in the student’s loss of credit for the course.  Absences that count toward the limits include, but are not limited to, illness, appointments (including dental, doctor, and court), vacation, and truancy.  Additional medical absences will be granted if there is a written doctor’s excuse stating that the student should not be in school.  We request that parents/guardians notify the school of any planned absences (such as vacation) in advance.  For unplanned absences (such as illness), please call the school the same day as the absence.

    TARDIES It is the student’s responsibility to be on time for class.  Students may be assigned detention for excessive tardiness to class. 

    TRUANCY Truancy is defined as being absent from one or more classes without a valid excuse.  Class cuts may also be earned for failure to report to the office after being sent there by school personnel, leaving class without permission, abuse of pass usage, failure to leave after checking out, and failure to go to class upon return to school.  Students not enrolled in five classes that meet daily may be dropped from the rolls. The first truancy will result in one hour of detention for each hour of class missed.  If a second truancy occurs, the student may be dropped from the course. 

    PERMISSION TO LEAVE SCHOOL    When a student needs to leave school during the day or arrives at school after the beginning of the day, the student must check in or out with office personnel.  The reason for the absence must be documented with a telephone call or note from the parent/guardian. Failure to properly sign out will result in detention hours issued for classes missed. 

    WEAPONS Grand Forks Policy 5355 forbids students to knowingly possess any instrument or object in all Grand Forks schools, on school property, at school sanctioned activities, on parking areas regularly utilized during school and for school functions, or when students are transported in vehicles dispatched by the district or in transportation provided for educational trips that is a weapon.  A weapon is defined as any object which may be used to intimidate or inflict bodily harm which has no school related purpose and which shall include but not be limited to knives of all types, guns, lead pipes, nun chucks, throwing stars, metal knuckles, blackjacks, unauthorized tools, explosives, or other chemicals.  A student who violates these rules shall be subject to suspension and expulsion in accordance with Grand Forks Policy 5360.

    SUBSTANCE ABUSE Section XII of Article XIV of the NDHSAA policy states, “The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or any controlled substance as defined by North Dakota law is prohibited.  Any student who is in violation of the foregoing shall be suspended from participating in interscholastic contests or activities for a minimum period of six (6) consecutive school weeks for the first offense and a period of eighteen (18) consecutive school weeks for any subsequent offense.  In addition, Grand Forks Policy 5370 states that a two week or two contest penalty will be imposed for those students whose violation takes place at a time in the year during which the student is not participating in an activity.  In addition, students who violate the policy will not be eligible to hold leadership positions for twelve months from the date of school notification of the violation or receive awards and recognition related to the activity.