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  • Hi! We are Avanthi (Vani) and Nivanthi (Iva), a junior and a freshman at Red River High School. Recently, we’ve been working on different ways to help our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a need for sensory items for special education students in our school district. With the school year coming around the corner, we felt it is important the special ed students feel comfortable with the changes in the new norm. So we decided to raise funds to buy portable sensory items that can be used in every school. Our goal is to raise $2,500, and any contribution is highly appreciated! Thank you! Avanthi and Nivanthi Wijetunga

    What is sensory processing and self-regulation and why is it important? Sensory processing in daily living requires accurate sensory processing in order to be successful and independent. Children who need assistance in improving their sensory integration systems often benefit from the use of sensory items in order to increase success in daily living activities. Such activities can increase a child’s tolerance to clothing and food textures, help them to navigate a variety of environments successfully, and increase attention to tasks. This fundraiser for the purpose of providing a variety of sensory items will enhance access to a variety of sensory activities and opportunities for students in a self-contained autism program. These items will help give a variety of options for students with sensory needs to increase their sensory processing abilities and self-regulation skills.

    We hope you will consider supporting this fundraising effort, thank you in advance for your consideration!! You can donate online at http://donate.gffoundation.org/SensoryFundraiser. If you have any questions, please contact the executive director, Emilia Hodgson, at ehodgson290@mygfschools.org or 701-787-4866.


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