Renaissance Program

  • "Rewarding Academic Achievement"

    What is Renaissance?
    The Renaissance Program is a nationwide program to motivate and encourage students and staff by recognizing academic achievement and positive behavior. Renaissance nationwide has been effective in improving academic acheivement and modifying behavior.

    Renaissance is a partnership between business and education which brings ideas and people together and finds ways for students to experience the joy of learning. These partnerships will help increase reward and recognition opportunities. It recognizes educators as dedicated and valuable professionals.

    The program is called Renaissance because it intends to create a "rebirth or revival" in education.

    What is Our Mission?
    The mission of Renaissance is to promote and recognize academic achievements and contributions of students and staff.

    Are sponsors the same at both schools?
    Yes, it is a joint venture between both schools with all donations shared equally. Currently, we have over 100 businesses that support Renaissance with gifts of discounts, products, and funds to support various Renaissance Programs.

    What are the Goals of Renaissance?
    Our goals are to...

    • increase attendance rates
    • raise grade point averages
    • increase school spirit
    • reward positive behavior

    What are some of the Rewards and Recognitions?
    There are numerous programs that will be implemented in stages throughout the school year. Students can earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Card every semester that gives them discounts or free merchandise at local businesses. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cards are rewards that students must apply for themselves. Other programs of Renaissance are recognitions based on teacher's nominations. These include the "I Got Knighted" Award and the "Personal Best" Award. Students do not apply for these awards.

    What Results does Renaissance Achieve Nationwide?

    • 95% experience improvement in overall GPA.
    • 63 % showed improvement in achievement tests.
    • 72% noted increases in student daily attendance.
    • 42% had a decrease in dropout rates
    • 60% saw a decrease in disciplinary problems.

    What are Potential Advantages to Local Businesses who participate in the incentive program?

    • Increased awareness of local businesses by students, parents and staff.
    • Promotions encouraging students and their families to patronize local merchants.
    • Media and school publicity about the program and sponsors.