Thunderbird Athletics

  • The school year is divided into four blocks. Each season is approximately eight weeks in length. Twining plays Elroy Schroeder, Valley, South, and other area middle schools.


    Students will be bused to and from their competitions during the school week. Transportation will not be provided for Saturday events. A member of the coaching staff remains on site until every student-athlete has been provided a ride home. Please be timely when picking up your student. When Twining provides transportation to an event and you want to take your student from the event, rather than have them bused back to Twining, you must obtain a release from the head coach. No one other than the legal parent/guardian may provide transportation from an away event.

    Participation Fee

    $50 per sport. Students who are on free or reduced-price lunch may request a waiver form for a reduced or waived fee. All students who are eligible will be allowed to participate in Twining Middle School athletics.

    IMPACT (Concussion Information / Testing) Form 
    The IMPACT paperwork must be completed and signed prior to an athlete competing.  7th and 8th graders will be given the IMPACT test once during their 7th or 8th grade year.  

    Sports Physicals

    7th and 8th grade students must have a physical form on file with the Twining Middle School Office. The physical must be completed annually. These forms are available in the school office or online at > Departments > Athletics. 

    Our Responsibilities


    1. Display good sportsmanship at all times. You represent Twining Middle School and Grand Forks.
    2. You are a student first and an athlete second. Your education is your first priority. Remain eligible.
    3. Do your best … in the classroom and in your sports of choice.
    4. Eat proper and get plenty of rest.
    5. Be a good teammate at all times – at practice and competitions.
    6. Attend all practices.
    7. Support your team and coaches.

    Families and Fans

    1. Display good sportsmanship.
    2. Respect the opposing teams(s), officials, and fans.
    3. Be supportive of the coaches and players.
    4. Mentor the student-athletes.
    5. Support the Thunderbirds. 


    1. Display good sportsmanship.
    2. Respect the opposing team(s), officials, and fans.
    3. Be supportive and positive with the student-athletes.
    4. Mentor the student-athletes. 
    5. Support the Thunderbirds.