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    Foundation for Education Awards $11,257 for Local School Projects

    GRAND FORKS, N.D. – The Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Inc. is awarding $11,257 this fall to help fund a variety of enrichment projects in Grand Forks Public Schools.

    The Mini-Grants have been funded through the Foundation for Education since 1992. Awards are usually for classroom-level or grade-level projects. All areas of curriculum and all grade levels are eligible for Mini-Grants.


    • $99 Autumn Hanson and South Middle School for Zoom in on Art/FACS Classroom Materials.
    • $247 Dana Kennelly and the STEP Program for STEP Nature Experience.
    • $403 Maren Dewar and Grand Forks Central High School for Script and Audition Preparedness and Resources.
    • $475 Kiya Knable and Viking Elementary School for SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Growth.
    • $520 Lynneah Boyer and Lake Agassiz Elementary School for Lake Agassiz Ukuleles.
    • $525 Tracy Whalen and Lake Agassiz Elementary School for Exploring Countries.
    • $650 Becky Mercer and South Middle School for Piano Keyboards.
    • $841 Joseph Drumm and Grand Forks Central High School for Go-Link Interfaces for Science.
    • $1,000 Andrea Eklund and Red River High School for Social Justice Literature Circle Novels.
    • $1,073 Emily Lundby and Adaptive PE Program for Switches for All.
    • $1,453 Nancy Greenwood and Grand Forks Central High School for Class of Glass.
    • $1,500 Angela Salgado and the Virtual Academy Program for Concrete Reading in a Virtual Environment.
    • $2,471 Dan Schraeder and Elroy Schroeder Middle School for Engineer and Design Process in Action.

    For further information on the projects that were funded this fall, please contact Foundation Executive Director Emilia Hodgson at 701.787.4866 or ehodgson290@mygfschools.org.


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