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Grand Forks School Board Meetings

Procedure for Citizen Comment at a School Board Meeting

Meetings of the school board are held for the purpose of carrying out the business of the school district. The meeting agenda, while different in content and issues from meeting to meeting, generally includes a section where citizens can address the school board concerning matters of the school district. Citizens wishing to address the school board are asked to complete a comment card and submit it to the school board secretary prior to the start of the meeting. The chairperson will invite citizens who have submitted a card to speak when the appropriate section of the meeting agenda is reached. Each person may speak for up to three (3) minutes and will not be recognized a second time until all citizens wishing to speak have been heard. The chairperson reserves the right to limit the discussion and number of speakers. School Board members shall not engage in a response or enter into a debate about any issue(s) brought before the board during this portion of the meeting. Citizen comments and concerns will be directed to the Superintendent of Schools, who will deal with according to policies adopted by the Board.

Policy Reference: BCAA, 7/12/2021; BCAB 5/10/2021

School Board Meetings