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Du Earns Perfect Score on ACT Exam

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September 21, 2020

Du Earns Perfect Score on ACT Exam

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Dennis Du, a senior at Grand Forks Central High School, has received a perfect score of 36 on the ACT college entrance exam.

The ACT assesses students in English, mathematics, science, and reading. The scores in each area are compiled together into a composite score, which has a range of 1 to 36. Du scored a 36 on each of the four sections in addition to the composite score of 36.

“I think my ACT score resulted from a combination of good schools and teachers, a love of learning and reasoning, and a bit of luck,” said Du. “Studying was mostly for getting used to the questions and timing - the background knowledge was already built up over the years I've spent learning in school. It helps that I've enjoyed the learning because that makes it a lot easier.”

Du completed the ACT in December 2019.

During his time at Grand Forks Central, Du has spent time contributing to his school, community, and state.

“I'm currently serving as the president of Central's Student Council, and last year I was a junior representative. I'm also serving as the vice president of the North Dakota Association of Student Councils, which brings together school student councils from across the state. We share information, ideas, and inspiration among student leaders in North Dakota. We also organize a state conference to help students develop leadership skills,” said Du.

“In addition, I serve on the Grand Forks Youth Commission, which works to improve the lives of youth in our community. We raise awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues, as well as work to provide youth with healthy places to spend their time. I've benefited a lot from STEM activities in the community, which has motivated me to give back. I've initiated a project to inspire other students to find their love of STEM. That has included working with the public library as a FIRST Lego League robotics coach, where I help children learn to design and program a Lego robot and use it to participate in a competition. I've also given robotics instruction to students at the North Dakota Vision Services. If others would like to join me in promoting STEM education, I encourage them to get involved.”

“Dennis is one of Central's finest,” said Aaron LaDeaux, activities director and student council advisor at Grand Forks Central. “He is meticulous, approachable, and fair. When dealing with any sort of problem or question - no matter how big or small - Dennis will go through all the options, weighing the pros and cons to decide based on what benefits everyone as a whole, not what may just be best for some. He is always willing to make time to assist other students and staff members at school. The balance he has been able to find between school, athletics, music, and social life is what makes Dennis truly amazing. He is extremely selfless in his actions and truly a pleasure to work with at GFC.”

Du plans to major in computer science, applied mathematics, or engineering.

“Dennis is a humble young man who works hard at making those around him better. Whether it is student leadership, inspiring others to engage in STEM, or generating positivity within his peer group, Dennis is altruistic and serves as a role model for others,” said Dr. Terry Brenner, superintendent at Grand Forks Public Schools. “We are proud of Dennis’s perfect ACT accomplishment and his acceptance of this amazing feat with humility and grace.”

Last school year, Red River High School senior Aidan Krogh received a perfect score on the ACT exam. The previous year, Millicent Schwartz (Red River High School) also received a perfect ACT score.