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Grand Forks Public Schools Receives GEER Grant

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December 17, 2020

Grand Forks Public Schools Receives GEER Grant

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Grand Forks Public Schools has received a grant from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund.

The fund, created by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), allows the governor to provide support to local educational agencies and institutions of higher education to develop and improve the availability of distance/remote learning techniques and technologies. In collaboration with the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, the governor’s office released a competitive grant program to support the unique challenges and inspire innovative practices associated with providing educational opportunities and local needs. 

The $186,597 in funding support will be used to develop and support “The Mentor Center,” a central resource center for middle and high school students and families to receive academic, social-emotional, and technology support. The center will support students during the afternoon and evening hours with certified and classified academic staff, mental health professionals and technicians to support the district’s distance learning platform. Funding will also be used to support a mobile technology squad to provide on-site assistance. To further enhance the learning environment during these times, the school system will embed enrichment activity centers focusing on art, music, STEM, and social-emotional activities.

The grant application was written by Geoff Gaukler, mental health coordinator, Catherine Gillach, assistant superintendent of secondary education, Tricia Lee, executive director of special education, Eric Ripley, executive director of career and technical education and technology, Taunya Schleicher, grant writer, and Jody Thompson, associate superintendent of elementary education.

More than 35 proposals were reviewed through the competitive grant process and 20 were awarded grants. Grand Forks Public Schools received the largest grant.

For a full list of GEER Fund recipients, please visit