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Early Enrollment Numbers Decrease Over Previous Year

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September 9, 2021

Early Enrollment Numbers Decrease Over Previous Year

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Grand Forks Public Schools, which includes public schools in the city of Grand Forks and Nathan F. Twining Elementary and Middle School on the Grand Forks Air Force Base, had 7,358 students enrolled in the opening days of school.

When comparing this year’s opening enrollment to last year’s opening enrollment of 7,402, there was a decrease of 44 students.

In comparison to the May 2021 enrollment of 7,272 students, there was an increase of 86 students.

RSP and Associates, the demographer for Grand Forks Public Schools, had estimated an enrollment of 7,523 students.

An official enrollment report will be completed at the end of September and presented at a Grand Forks School Board meeting in October. The report will include total enrollment for each grade level.