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Geffre, Norenberg Receive Employee of the Quarter Awards

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May 26, 2022

Geffre, Norenberg Receive Employee of the Quarter Awards

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Jake Geffre and Chelsi Norenberg have been selected as the classified and certified employees of the 4th quarter at Grand Forks Public Schools.

Geffre (classified) and Norenberg (certified) each received a plaque from the Grand Forks School Board. In gratitude for their impact on the school system and students, Geffre and Norenberg also received a $200 monetary award from the Grand Forks Foundation for Education.

Created in 2019, the purpose of the award program is to recognize excellence as accomplished by certified and classified employees. To be considered for the award, the employee must be a valuable asset to the school community by completing their job duties to the highest standard and displaying a commitment to students/parents/guardians, as well as the school/program/school system.

Norenberg is a 1st grade teacher at Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School. In her nomination, parent, colleague, and Grand Forks Air Force Base School Board President Michelle Shepperd said, “Ms. Norenberg is committed to not only her students academically but socially as well. She teaches students how to care for and respect themselves and others while building and maintaining relationships vital to their success in and out of the classroom. When you walk into her classroom, you can feel the kindness, understanding, and compassion that she not only possesses for each student but that her students have for each other. She provides extra support to those who need it and supplemental materials for those who are ready for more. Students leave her room with the confidence and ability to take on the next grade and the desire to come back and share their experiences with her because of the lifelong relationships she has established with not only her students but their families.”

Geffre, a theater technician, received nominations from colleagues Paul Barta and Rich McFarlane. In his nomination, Barta wrote, “He spends countless hours helping to design and construct sets for all shows, all the while having a student-centered approach to these ideas. He wants the students to be involved in the process by learning concepts and being actively involved in the technical aspects of the drama productions. He truly is a genius regarding all things technical in the drama world and it is fun to watch him interact with students to help them discover new things. He tries to positively build relationships with students so they want to continue learning and actively participate in the drama technology world. He treats all of the students with respect and takes great pride in teaching difficult concepts in a positive, caring manner. Besides all of the students involved, there is no one more vital to our theatre programs and their success than Jake Geffre. He really makes our productions as professional and high quality as they always are, which allows the kids to shine and be a part of something truly memorable.”