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GFC Portrait of a Graduate

What are the skills, attributes, and behaviors needed for youngpeople to be successful in life? That was the question posed to Central parents, staff, and alumni, as well as local business/industry and area post-secondary institutions in recent years. After tallying and grouping all responses and reviewing multiple drafts, a committee of Central faculty was able to get a picture or "portrait" of what a Grand Forks Central graduate should possess at commencement. That portrait is represented below in graphic form.

Our GFC Portrait of a Graduate serves as the vision we have for our students in terms of the competencies and skills they need to be successful. It providesthe basis for our efforts to model, promote, and directly teach students these competencies and skills as part of their learning within various curriculums. Teachers are asked to point out when these skills are needed as part of their learning (as well as daily life), help students understand the terms and their importance, and include them in student learning activities, when applicable.

Though our classroom teachers have the most active role in the promotion, direct instruction, and modeling of our portrait of a graduate competencies and skills, we ask parents/guardians to support our efforts and reinforce these competencies and skills, as well.

The following videos help to introduce and explain the skills and behaviors necessary for GFC students to be successful.

Wellness Video

Self Directed Video

Active Citizen

Effective Communicator

Ethical & Humane Video