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4th and 5th Grade Intramural Information

Intramural dates and times can be found on our calendar.

Season 3 - White Card

Season 4 - White Card

Intramurals is a before and after school program that encourages students to participate in physical activities. Intramurals are offered to 4th and 5th grade students at Kelly Elementary.

There will be five different seasons that will consist of football, soccer, golf, volleyball, floor hockey, basketball, diamond sports (ex. softball), and racket sports. Each season a white card will be sent home that needs to be returned to school. This card will be your student's permission slip to participate. Students may sign up for and pay for all five seasons at the start of season one ($60.50) or they can pay per season. ($12.50 seasons 1-4, $10.50 season 5.) If you write a check, please make it out to GFPS.

A set schedule will be sent home and posted on our school website at a later date. Each student will participate twice a week. Schedules will allow students to participate in all school activities.


  1. Students must return the white card and fee to participate.
  2. The fee for seasons 1-4 is $12.50. Season 5 is $10.50 because it is a shorter season. Student’s participation fees may be waived in cases of undue hardship. Please inquire in the principal’s office. Students whose fees are waived in an earlier season do not need to reapply for a waiver.
  3. Please turn the white card and fee into your classroom teacher.
  4. Every student that participates in all five seasons will receive a
    Kelly Cougar Award at the end of the year. The student is allowed two excused absences per season. If they miss more than twice they have to make up the session (make up sessions must be completed during the same season).
  5. The Intramural schedule and preseason information is posted on
    the Kelly School website.

If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Lund at 746-2205, ext. 3326.

Mrs. Lund
Physical Education Teacher