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Driving, Drop Off, and Pick Up Procedures

Driving, Drop Off, and Pick Up Procedures

We would like to take a minute to review the driving/drop-off/pick-up procedures in our school zones.

  1. Please be extra cautious when driving to and from Kids are far too often, as we know, darting out in the street or crossing without looking. Slow down and take extra precautions at crosswalks. The speed limit is 20mph.
  2. Dropping off and Picking up Lane: Please remember when in the drop-off line you are to remain in your vehicle.
  3. If you need to get out of your vehicle during the No Parking times, use the parking lot across the street from the
  4. Students are to exit on the CURB side of the vehicle
  5. There is no drop-off zone on the southbound side of the Stopping in front of the crosswalk to let your child get out of the car to cross the street is not allowed.
  6. Do not have children get in or out of your vehicle if you are not against the Having a child run in between vehicles to enter or exit your car is unsafe and not allowed.
  7. NO U-Turns are allowed on Louisiana

Thank you for being mindful of the rules of the school zone. We care for all of your children and do not want to see accidents happen. Help us keep your children safe!

Map of the Procedures (also shown below)


Map illustrating the pick up and drop off procedures