I was chosen to be a Varsity Alternate Competition cheerleader. What does that mean?

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Varsity competition alternates are a part of the Fall and Winter sideline teams as well as being an official part of the competition team.  They are required to do everything that the non-alternate cheerleaders are required to do; attend camp, summer stunting, attend every competition practice, and travel for every competition. 

At competition practices, they usually don't get to do as much stunting as the non-alternates but need to come prepared to stunt in case we need them to fill in. 

Fees alternates are responsible for: 
-Competition warm-ups 
-Driver, transportation, and hotel fees 
-Music cutting/choreography/coaching fees

Initially, they do not pay for any registration fees. If they are needed to fill in for someone at a competition they will reimburse that person for the registration fees of that competition.